Parent's Information

Partnership with parents

It is essential to your child's welfare and development that there is a strong partnership between us.

Parents and carers are always welcome, we encourage involvement and parents often help with outings, story or join us tending our garden.

We value all your ideas and suggestions.

Each child has a key worker who observes and records what happens each day. Parents can ask for feedback and anecdotes at the end of the day, or contact us any time.

The proprietor or member of staff in charge is always available for discussion with parents. Arrangements can be made for more private discussions at agreed times.

Parents are requested to keep us informed of any changes to personal circumstances which may have an effect upon a child, e.g. change of address, telephone number, doctor, emergency contact.

Parents are also requested to keep us informed of any circumstances which could have an effect on a child's emotional wellbeing, e.g. bereavement, separation or illness in the family.

Information provided by parents about their children will be kept confidential and treated on a strict need to know basis

When possible, to further encourage the children's development, parents will be asked to send in objects from home, e.g. photographs, old boxes and cartons, for topic work.

Information regarding the children's activities throughout the day is always available to parents on a daily basis, through verbal communication and through the weekly curriculum which is displayed in each class.

We have a parents' evening each term as well as fun events like our swimming gala and Christmas nativity to which you will be invited.

Monthly newsletters keep parents up to date with our activities and nursery news. Alongside this you will also receive an Yearly Profile and report in the form of an annual scrap book with an outline of what your child has achieved over the last year, copies of photos of your child in their setting and of course all of their original art work for you to treasure for years to come.

We also warmly invite you to our open days where you can see at first hand the range of fun activities your child experiences throughout their day.

Our site is purpose built with door entry phones and internal safety features. The children love our all weather, secure sensory garden.

'Have your say'

We are always working to improve Little Learners to make sure that your child has the best possible experience with us. For more information please ask to see our involving and Consulting Policy and Procedure.

Input from parents is very important to us.
As well as the options of talking to us or emailing, we have:

  • Regular Questionnaires
    From this we aim to find out what you think and make changes to the way our programme is run.

  • A Suggestions Box
    Always available for your use-on the front desk.

Settling your child

It can be upsetting for both of you... We understand.

You know your child better than anyone and we work closely with you to help settle them in to their new environment.

We have a few tips that may help:

  • Children are programmed to pick up upon our reactions. If you are relaxed about their new environment and they see you smiling and happy, they will take this as a cue that it is fine to stay. Equally they will notice and re-act if you appear anxious and may respond by becoming fearful and clingy. Whilst it is natural to be a little anxious about how your child will get on, try hard to remain calm and positive dispelling any negatives by reassuring them they will have fun and meet lots of new friends.

  • Feel free to stay to help settle them in but remember to distance yourself in the room, take a seat and read a book. Offer plenty of smiles and reassurance but there is always the danger that if you join in the fun too your child may think it's a great place for you both to play!

  • If you feel it is best to go it often helps to try to leave confidently with a big smile (we know this is not easy).

  • It may be tempting to sneak off when they are happily playing but the shock of you suddenly disappearing could actually set them back, they can react by becoming increasingly clingy and instead of settling down to play they will prefer to keep a watchful eye upon you.

  • Aim to build a "goodbye" routine so that your child knows you are going but is confident you will come back.

  • Always tell your child when you will be back.

  • Try not to be late.

  • If you can, leave your child for a short time at first and then gradually extend the time.

  • Make sure your child knows if someone different is picking them up.

There is no need to worry - together we'll work it out!

Free Entitlement Funding

Little Learners Nursery School Ltd is registered to offer Free Entitlement Funding (FEF) for all three and four year olds.

A headcount of all eligible children is submitted by us on a termly basis to our Local Authority.

Benefits of Free Entitlement Funding

Free early learning gives children the best start in life. Through learning and playing with other children in a safe and structured environment, they'll have a head start when they begin school.

FEF Stretched Offer

Little Learners Nursery School Ltd, in accordance with Government guidelines, stretch the entitlement over 52 weeks and a deduction to the fees is made monthly all year round. This even spread helps parents to budget as it avoids having to pay higher fees in the school holidays.

When you claim FEF in your first term, please fill the EYE application form and return it to the Nursery Manager.


A parent or guardian can claim a maximum of 15 hours per week over three academic terms (Spring, Summer & Autumn). The total number of weeks over the three academic terms is 38. Therefore FEF can be claimed for up to 38 weeks each year.

From September 2012 a minimum of two and a half hours FEF funding can be claimed per session attended (a session is defined as a morning or afternoon) with a maximum of 10 hours FEF a day.

A parent can use all 15 hours with Little Learners Nursery School Ltd or split the claim over two childcare providers. However, the total claim per child must not exceed 15 hours per week.

Children are eligible for FEF from the term after they turn three years old to the term they attend school.

Children Born Between Become Eligible in
1 January – 31 March Summer Term (May – Aug)
1 April – 31 August Autumn Term (Sept-Dec)
1 September – 31 December Spring Term (Jan – Apr)

Little Learners Nursery School Ltd can submit the claim for FEF providing parents or guardian sign a declaration at the beginning of each term.

These declarations confirm your child's details and the number of hours of FEF funding being claimed.

For each term claim, a child must be in attendance at the nursery on or before the term Headcount Date advised by the Local Education Authority. The Headcount Date is a specific date usually towards the beginning of each term. Details of these dates are available on the Local Education Authority website.

If a child starts at the nursery after the Headcount Date, Little Learners Nursery School will submit a late claim to the Local Education Authority but cannot provide free childcare until approved.

If a child leaves Little Learners Nursery School during a term then the FEF claimed through us will be adjusted to reflect the actual hours attended at Little Learners Nursery School.

The FEF hours are deducted from parents' invoices and parents are never charged for those FEF hours. This is in line with the government Code of Practice "Free at point of delivery"

If a parent wishes to change their booking pattern during the course of a term this must be agreed with the Nursery Manager and the Local Education Authority must be advised. A Parent will need to complete a new FEF declaration if the number of FEF hours changes.

The change in FEF hours may change the value of the monthly invoice. This depends on the fee rates and number of new sessions booked compared to previous sessions booked. The first invoice to reflect the change will be the one for the month after the month of changed booking pattern.

The 'Information for Parents' web pages from the government provide further background information and links to regional Local Education Authorities.

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Childcare vouchers

This scheme is only available via employers, but many large and small companies take part.

The key is they enable you to pay for childcare out of your PRE-TAX and National Insurance income. The benefit is huge as seen from the example below:

Childcare Vouchers FAQs

It works by 'salary sacrifice' (basic rate tax example)...
  • You give up £1,000 of salary but after tax & NI that's only worth approximately £700 in your pocket.

  • In return you get £1,000 of vouchers so you're £300 per grand better off.

Fee payments

Fees are payable in advance before the 7th day of each month.

We accept payment by standing order,card and cheque.

Where applicable funding,child care vouchers or salary sacrifice will be deducted from your monthly bill,any balance due after the deductions must be paid directly to Little Learners Nursery School Ltd.

We accept child care vouchers from all recognised providers

Opening hours

Our nursery and crèche are open from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.
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