Little Learners Nursery School

The Nursery

The richness and quality of your child's development in a nursery environment is dependent upon many factors including resources, activities and facilities on offer but the most significant factor is the staff.

At Little Learners Nursery School we pride ourselves on our staff, they have worked together over the years to form a dedicated and friendly team .Each child's well-being and happiness is their priority .Children are more receptive to learning when they are happy and relaxed.

Our aim is to offer the children rich learning experiences within a safe and nurturing environment.

To enable us to offer the best for each individual child we place a strong emphasis on working in close partnership with parents/carers throughout your child's time at our nursery. Your child will have a "key person" who will be your main point of contact within our setting. Together you can exchange information and discuss ideas .Your key person will carefully record your child's progress and this information will be available to you at any time.

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Baby Bears and Ducklings

These spacious, bright rooms have access to their own safe and stimulating outdoor area.

With a minimum staff ratio of 1:3 babies are cared for in their own "home area" to provide the warmth, security and fun essential to their wellbeing and holistic development.

We have a separate sleep room for quiet naps, a changing and laundry room. Food and bottles are hygienically prepared in a food preparation area within the unit.

Every child is unique so we will spend time with you discovering their favourite sleeping position and routine, comforter, likes and dislikes, feeding routine etc. A daily two way record book is provided where we record sleep times, nappy changes, feeds and activities throughout the day, this will be given to you to take home after each session.

Our staff maintain individual developmental profiles in order to be able to plan suitable activities for your child's developmental stage and important next steps. These and all other records of your child are available for you to view at all times.

Naturally parents are involved in all aspects of their child's progress and are included in the decision when their child is steady and ready to move up to the next group.

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Lions and Tigers

For the 18 months to 2 year olds, the maintained high staffing ratio 1:3 ensures that your young child's individual needs continue to be cared for. The room is safely designed and equipped to meet the needs of naturally curious toddlers and our staff provide an imaginative range of exciting and stimulating activities.

Children start to learn the value of sharing and co-operation and begin to develop a sense of friendship and self-esteem through games, turn taking, role play and plenty of praise.

They begin to experiment with different art materials to learn through touch and other sensations and their art and craft is sent home or proudly displayed at nursery, so you can see what they have been doing, and we record activities with photos to display in the room and in each child's learning journey.

Tigers 2-3 year olds have a minimum staff ratio of 1:4.

The children are given lots of room to move and to direct their own play as they become increasingly imaginative engaging in pretend play and becoming more creative as they explore and experiment with a range of media to enhance their sensory activity.

Our daily activities provide lots of opportunities to develop language skills and introduce children to the world numbers.

This is an important time for confidence building and self-esteem. Through a variety of activities and lots of praise; children learn to be strong and independent through positive reinforcement.

After your child turns 2 your child's key person will give you a written summary of how your child is progressing against the three prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

This check will highlight areas of progression and areas that may need some additional help and support. Working together, with your help, our aim is to offer the best start we can for your child.

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Foxes Pre-School

3-5 years have a minimum staff ratio of 1:8. Room planning is very important and revolves around each child's personal development plan. Children have fun experimenting including growing everything from plants to butterflies.

The room is split into different learning areas which provide the children a range of activities suited to their developmental needs.

Here, as in the other rooms, a key person system is in place which means that each child can develop a strong relationship with staff and this helps them to develop a genuine enjoyment for learning and nurturing their innate curiosity.

At Little Learners Nursery School we constantly strive to create valuable learning experiences based around each individual child's needs.

Little Learners Nursery School follows The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, this is a very important stage between 0 to 5 years where young children learn a staggering amount.

The framework supports us and parents/carers to prepare your child for school and future learning and success.

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Opening hours

Our nursery and crèche are open from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.
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